Rupi Kaur - New York Times best-selling author. — Anyday


Finding balance between artistry and functionality.

Rupi’s personal style is one of earthy tones, minimalism and emotional connection. We needed to build a website that sold products without sacrificing these traits inherent to her brand.


A solid foundation for a delicate website.

Along with the challenge of creating a website that visually captured Rupi’s artistic essence, we needed to build one that was scalable and functional as well. This scalability is inherently important to a site like this because Rupi will constantly be growing as an artist and entrepreneur, adding new products and features throughout her career.


Celebrating home body with all her fans.

Since the website’s launch, Rupi has announced and begun selling her Third book, along with announcing multiple products with affiliate companies such as Kotn and Inkbox. A majority of her products have sold out within days, and it’s only a matter of time until her newest book does too.