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Procally is a Toronto based startup that was focused on building a digital product to create a community to connect local businesses with trade workers.

The Challenge

Create a community through business.

There were many challenges in this extensive engagement, ranging from how to create a brand that felt holistic and communal, to designing an intuitive and friendly digital product that fostered community, connection and trust.


Bring in the warmth.

We knew we needed an incredibly “human” brand and feel for this company. People first was always our approach, simple and friendly. This found it’s way into the brandmark, the logo, the colour and font choices to the actual product itself.

Visual Design

Finding the right accent to Procally.

With the end goal of this product being a native app, we wanted to build out a simple and cute logo that would look good on your phone’s homescreen. This combination of a P and L, along with a friendly round font makes it instantly recognizable at any size.

Earlier sketches of the "P" icon
Brand System

Timeliness. Modern.

Once settled on a logomark and typeface, we needed to flesh out an entire brand system that would provide cohesiveness between the digital product and all of their eventual print assets. We built a colour and font identity system that was then explained in a comprehensive Brand Guideline so that Procally could properly integrate their brand on any asset they see fit.

User Interface

Mobile first approach.

Knowing most of it’s platform’s usage would come from mobile devices, we designed Procally’s MVP with a mobile first approach, incorporating stunning UI components that were insanely easy to navigate.

User Interface

Tailored dashboards for businesses.

The Pro Dashboard we designed for Procally was intended to be so easy, even the busiest of professionals could check their profiles without needing to go through complex navigation barriers.

The Outcome

97% of early users considered Procally to be easier to use than other leading professional marketplace apps.

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