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An automated audio/visual systems startup from Florida, Design AV focuses on network security, convenience efficiency, and quality application. We developed their brand messaging, brand identity system, as well as their website so that they were clearly positioned with a well articulated mission statement.

The Challenge

Designing with forward thinking in mind.

Design AV was in its early phase when we were approached, so we needed to strategize and build a brand message and tone that would resonate with users and differentiate it from competitors. This brand message then needed to translate to a visual identity, which then would be leveraged into a digital brand and ultimately a website. This engagement was full scale and exactly the kind that we like.


Old school modulars turn new age.

The goal was to play with the idea of “Centrality”. Design AV offers a single module within a home or business that contains all of the controls from AC, Lighting, TVs, Garage doors- you name it. This idea of organization would be integral to our approach in messaging and articulating core features and benefits.

Visual Design

Discovering the right rectangle.

The actual physical Design AV central console is a rectangle screen with a 3×4 ratio. We decided to explore this concept and how it could work as the basis for the visual language of the brand. We finally decided on a rectangle with one module lifted, representing the approach to organization and centrality, as well as an abstract “d”.

Brand Messaging

It’s one for all.

Now that we had the brand direction and visual identity solidified, we needed a message that would encapsulate the brand promise. “One for All” speaks to the nature of DAV’s company, that organization and centrality of all your controls can be found in one place at one time, simply and effectively.

Brand System

Going modular across the board.

Having a logo is one thing, but this fast growing startup required a full brand system. In order to really hit the ground running, it needed a myriad of brand assets ranging from contracts to business cards. We also built out a brand guideline manual so that the visual system would be implemented properly into the future.

Web Design

Showcasing services in rapid time.

Design AV now had their brand identity and messaging situated, but it needed somewhere to live in this digital world. We designed a website that met the minimalist feel of the brand while illustrating all of the necessary information.


Subtle but sexy.

Part of what makes Design AV so attractive is its user interface software that it installs in homes. We needed the site to give off the same feel, so custom animations and integrations were used to help give off its elegant user experience.


Service breakdown for easy user access.

As always, we developed this website in order to be fully handed over to the DAV team so that they could immediately start managing the website. This was built on WordPress with custom integrations so that the site as a whole is a fully functioning ecosystem of its own.

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