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You’re the experts in your field, and more likely than not, we’re brand new to it. This is the arena in which we learn as much as humanely possible about your company, product, features, target market, internal stakeholders, project specific goals and benchmarks.

The Learning / Defined Scope of Work / Creative Framework / Positioning Statement / User Profiles / User Journeys

The Learning

A series of extensive and often mind-numbing video-calls where we ask specific questions about your business goals. We don’t stop until we’re confident that we know everything we need to know.

Creative Framework

We identify the target, facts, features, benefit, and message of your brand or product and articulate it in document form to help guide creative development.

Positioning Statement

We articulate your attributes, benefits and values, ultimately honing in on anyone’s “reason to believe” in what you’re putting out there.

User Profiles

Who are you for? We create user personas based on demographics, psychographics and behavioural and attitudinal characteristics.

User Journeys

How will your users move through your website or app? What motivates them to keep going? Based on the user profiles and product strategy, we plot your ideal user’s journey.

Defined Scope of Work

A comprehensive document that outlines your business goals along with the extensive list of features and deliverables that are specific to your project.

A solid understanding and execution of Brand is tantamount to the success and longevity of any organization. Knowing your values, your tone, your benefits, how to communicate, and how you exist and want to exist in the mind of the consumer is essential. Through our learning in the Strategy phase, we revamp or build out brands from scratch.

Brand Strategy / Brand Messaging / Brand Positioning / Brand Identity Design / Brand Guidelines / Brand Identity Assets

Brand Strategy

Who are you, really? Our team gets acquainted with you to help define who you are, what you promise the world, and the personality you convey.

Brand Messaging

We do specific research into the brand and how you want to feel, then articulate that in a document along with any taglines, tone or copy guidelines.

Brand Positioning

We take what we learned in the Strategy phase and articulate how your organization positions itself in the marketplace and in the minds of your consumers.

Brand Identity Design

This is where we design how your brand will look. Wordmark, logo, typeface and colour pallet are all focused on here.

Brand Guidelines

After all these messages, logos and assets are delivered, you’ll need a centralized document outlining how and when to use them all.

Brand Identity Assets

This is where you see your brand come to life, through applying the identity on business cards, pamphlets, social media headers, you name it.

Digital Products


Based on all of the learning completed in the strategy phase, we create a roadmap to build your digital product, and then we do it. From architecture, to wireframes, to spec docs, to the fun parts of designing aesthetically, we build out your digital product from start to finish.

Information Architecture / Low Fidelity Wireframes / Stylescapes / Design Concepts / Interaction Design / Clickable Prototype / Infrastructure Planning / Software Integrations / Front End Development / Back End Development / Post Launch Performance Optimization


Information Architecture

Organization galore. This is where we create a comprehensive sitemap for your website or application, outlining all the pages and sections we will design for.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

We build static wireframes to outline the overall structure of your website. This is the foundation for the design and functionality of your new product.


Stylescapes are a visual presentation of your new website’s voice, tone, look, and feel filtered through three prompts. This collaborative step will help us set the broad direction for the website.


Stylescapes are a visual presentation of your new website’s voice, tone, look, and feel filtered through three prompts. This collaborative step will help us set the broad direction for the website.

Design Concepts

Before diving into the whole design of your website or application, we design the first concept homepage based on all our research. From there, we fine tune specific components then dive into the full design of your product.

Interaction Design

A lot of a website’s personality comes from the motion and movement of the content presented on screen, so of course we design for it.

Clickable Prototype

We will design all the pages of your new website with your brand and user experience at the forefront, incorporating the best elements of your brand as well as omni-screen responsiveness to form what will be a fresh digital presence that speaks to your company’s mission, values, and audience.


Infrastructure Planning

Our team advises on, designs, & deploys environments to support even your most demanding solutions and applications, keeping scalability and security in mind.

Front End Development

On the front end, this is where we synthesize all of our work to date, and translate the approved prototype into a dynamic website on a CMS.

Back End Development

During this phase, we integrate all the important features and custom functionalities specific to your website or web app determined during our Strategy stage.

Software Integrations

Our team uses modern tools to effectively integrate your existing ERP, CRM, CMS, payment solutions and more, with any new products we build.

Post Launch Performance Optimization

By looking at your data, we’re able to provide you valuable insights surrounding the effectiveness of your new website or application.

Launch & Post Launch Support


Our engineers and developers are committed to ensuring your website or web app is not only launched successfully on its first day, but also functioning the way it should for days and months to come. Our team is also committed to tracking the performance of your website or web app post-launch to digest valuable data and make insightful suggestions to help you further meet your business goals.

Testing, Review, Launch, and Post Launch Support / Post Launch Performance Tracking / Questions We Tackle

Testing, Review, Launch, and Post Launch Support

Before handing off your website or web app, our team conducts extensive quality assurance, multi-device testing, and aggressive functionality testing to ensure a successful launch. After launch, we fully support your product for up to 90 days, at no cost, to ensure any glitches or issues are remedied.

Post Launch Performance Tracking

We begin our engagement by tracking your analytics, and we continue to do so after your new product is launched. By looking at your data, we’re able to provide you valuable insights surrounding the effectiveness of your new website or application.

Questions We Tackle

How are users navigating through your website? What are the bounce rates? Are your conversions up? These are the types of questions that we’ll answer through digesting and comparing your data. From there, we offer suggestions to further optimize your website or app for your target audience to ultimately increase conversions (no matter how you measure success).