Product Strategy

What are you looking to achieve? Working with you, we create a high-level roadmap describing what goals you’re looking to accomplish and how we’ll achieve those goals.

Brand Strategy

Who are you, really? Our team gets acquainted with you to help define who you are, what you promise the world, and the personality you convey.

Brand Messaging

How do you want your audience to feel? We’ll help you articulate your value proposition, what makes you different from your competitors, and what you stand for.

User Profiles

Who are you for? We’ll create fictional characters, based on research, to help you understand your users’ needs, behaviours, and goals.

User Journeys

How will your users move through your website or app? What motivates them to keep going? Based on the user profiles and product strategy, we plot your ideal user’s journey. 


Information Architecture

Organization galore. This is where we create a comprehensive sitemap for your website or application, outlining all the pages and sections we will design for.

User Experience Design

Our wireframes and prototypes are built on insights gathered during research, as well as on the information architecture.

Interaction Design

Here we combine the research, architecture and the unique elements of your brand to create a visual interface that’s equal parts beautiful and purposeful.

Brand Design

From your visual identity and style guide, to your digital content and copy, we create a brand that’s unmistakably you.

Content Websites

Your content website is the digital home for your brand and we do not take that lightly. We emphasizes on breathability, stunning visual elements, and information architecture to provide your users a delightful browsing experience.

eCommerce Websites

Through design thinking, our team prioritizes depth of information and aesthetic impact to ultimately help you sell more products to more people.


Infrastructure Planning

Our team advises on, designs, and deploy environments to support even your most demanding solutions and applications, keeping scalability and security in mind, always.

WordPress Development

We craft lightweight, hyper-fast, and custom WordPress websites that allow you to take control over your own content without developer intervention.

Shopify Development

We build Shopify eCommerce experiences from scratch, utilizing Shopify’s fast, powerful, and scalable liquid framework.

Web Applications

Web applications can do a lot for your business; they help you connect, engage, and interact with your customers. Our team is fluent in all modern frameworks and have the know-how to tackle your web-app project.

Software Integrations

You rely on certain software to handle important aspects of your business – we understand that. Our team uses modern tools to effectively integrate your existing ERP, CRM, CMS, payment solutions and more, with any new products we build.

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